Friday, March 28, 2014

Just lay 'it' down

So often I have heard folks say, "just let it go". Oh how I have wanted to do that many times, but couldn't quite grasp the knowledge to do so. Seems like 'it' never would go.
Just recently I was asking God how exactly do I "just let it go". At that moment I peacefully heard, 'lay it down...every moment of the day, every hour...lay it down'. I can't think of a better place for 'it' than at the foot of the cross.
Joy came to me that day that I found myself 'laying it down'! Nothing could steal the happy heart that I was basking in. Several times throughout the day I had to say it, over and over..."I lay it down". The load is much too heavy for me or any of you to bear. God will truly pick it up, if we will just lay it down.
It doesn't mean that 'it' won't try to rob us the next day or the next, it only means 'it' won't gain ground in our hearts or in this life that we to live. We have much to do for the Lord and can't accomplish all that He wants to do through us if we are continually weighed down with worry, fear, bitterness...lets just 'lay it down'.
Later that evening we sat down at the table for dinner and my husband asked our 13 year old son how his day was. Jacob responded, "school was good and then I came home and mom was in a good mood and not worried about anything, so my day got even better". Wow...I lay it just isn't worth carrying around! 
I commit to trust Him more and more every day. I hope the same for you.

Always hopeful~