Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Coffee with God

When I find myself centered in one of life's trials, weak and most likely doesn't take long to realize it's because I have lost my focus on the One who gets me through. God didn't promise a life without trial and persecution, but rather a life of such...however, promised by Him that He will sustain us as we face such times. He is the lifter of our heads and truly has our very best interest in the palm of His hands. 
I recently fell into a place where I was feeling hopeless...that the things I believe for and hope for just weren't going to unfold the way my heart desired.
Psalm 37:4 clearly proves me wrong. He says, "delight yourselves in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." This clearly is a promise from the Father. Although, it does require something of us, to delight in Him. You know....this one isn't so tough, it is definitely doable. :)
So as I did, after much prayer and delighting...I began to feel the burden role away. The cares that I had been carrying began to fade. I put Him first in my thoughts and in my time...almost immediately God renewed my strength to hope again, to believe again that He is able to make good on that which He promises.
I pray that each of us, though we stumble, are able to keep our focus fixed on Him. I pray that God remains to be the center of all that we do and say. I want Him to be delighted (find great joy) in my efforts to know Him.
Just as the old hymn goes, I pray we keep our eyes toward Jesus, so that the things of this world will grow strangely dim. So that we realize there is no trial, tribulation, burden or heartache of any kind greater than the One who created us. He does cause us to rise above such challenges.
"God I pray, you encourage us, your children this day...cause us to be more like you, so that we can do great things for your kingdom. Teach us to see past what tries to hinder us....thank you Father for all that You are. Lord, as we wait I pray that you renew our strength, so that we can mount like eagles and soar above all that would try to fog our focus. Thank you that through eyes of faith we see clearly what great things you have for us. You are a personal God and we are truly grateful.
With a heart of love...Wanda

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